Dear Friends and Sponsors:

Good News! Choice Enterprises, Inc. has teamed up with the Single Parent Foundation to improve the lives of single parents everywhere. The foundation and Choice have developed a great way to raise funds for families in need. Choice Enterprises, Inc. is an organization that provides ATM machines (automated teller machines or mini-banks) to restaurants, hotels and arenas across the United States. They have generously offered to donate a portion of all revenue generated from all transactions.

This is a fantastic opportunity because it not only benefits those in need, but also makes money for your business! At no cost to you, Choice will install and service an ATM machine at your venue. You provide a location for the ATM to be installed and a dedicated telephone line, and Choice does the rest! Beginning on the installation date, your venue will receive a portion of every transaction fee processed at that location, so you begin making money on the first transaction! Not only do Choice ATM’s generate revenue, they provide great convenience to your customers and a service to the community in which you are doing business. Preceding each transaction, and printed on their receipt, your ATM customers will be notified that proceeds from your machine benefit the Single Parent Foundation. It’s a Win/Win!

We hope you will join us in our efforts to support families in need. Please call or email us to discuss setting up a mini-bank to service your customers today.


Ray Salinas
Founder and President
The Single Parent Foundation

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