• often costs as much as tuition at a

    public university.

    Full-time Daycare
  • currently live in Single Parent Households

    24 Million+ American Children
  • with 6-13 year olds work full-time

    78% of Mothers
  • Three time SuperBowl Champion and

    Single Parent Foundation Spokesman

    Grew up in a Single Parent Home
    Darren Woodson

The Single Parent Foundation Helps Residents Currently Living In The Immediate Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex that are currently employed making 30-40k per year that need emergency assistance.

With the growing number of single parent families, Dallas businessman Ray Salinas sought to help individuals in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex by forming the Single Parent Foundation. The organization was designed to assist families on several levels. Seven out of ten households with children are maintained solely on the income of one parent. As you can imagine it gets harder everyday to meet the demands of parenting. “I am excited about this wonderful opportunity to help families. I am a single parent and I have a lot of friends who are single parents and I empathize with how hard it is for them just to make it” says Salinas. “We really want to reach out to these families and do whatever we can to help.”

The Single Parent Foundation is a unique and exciting non-profit organization. The goal of the Single Parent Foundation is to help hard working families that would normally fall through the cracks because they have a household income of over $30,000 per year but run into emergency situations where they need help. The foundation does not provide a handout but rather emergency services for the people who need it. Whether we fund an emergency car repair or temporarily provide money for daycare services we believe that we are helping families get back on their feet and stabilizing the lives of the children affected by the difficulties of parents struggling to meet their needs. To further our mission, we teamed up with three-time SuperBowl champion Darren Woodson as our national spokesperson. Having grown up in a single parent household, he too can understand the difficulties that face single parents on a daily basis.